5 Problems with Accepting the Lowest Tree Bid

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Saving money is a priority for most people who value their hard-earned dollars. Couponing, bundling services, customer reward programs and comparison shopping have become the new norm. For the most part, these are sensible strategies to help protect the wealth we’ve worked so diligently for.

Cutting corners, while smart under some circumstances, is not always the best option when it comes protecting the value of your home and property. Accepting the lowest bid for tree care, for instance, can result in a multitude of headaches that could potentially cost you more in the long run. Tree care services are best left to professionals.

Avoid these Common Pitfalls

The certified arborists at Arbor Pro NW ask that you take these five potential problems with accepting the lowest bid into consideration when you are determining how to proceed when selecting a tree care company.

  1. Quality of Equipment – Arborists use a variety of tools that each serves a unique purpose in preserving the health of the trees they are used on. Companies that cut costs often don’t care for their equipment or replace them as often as needed. Using defective tools can result in damage to trees due to improper or careless cuts. This also applies to the personal protective equipment that professionals are required to use to prevent injury.
  2. Unqualified Laborers – Using a company that hires and uses unqualified or unskilled laborers to save on their own costs and increase their profit margin can result in poor work and damaged trees. In turn, this could cost the property owner additional expenses should damage need to be remedied.
  3. Risk of Liability – Proper licensing, insurance and workers compensation are often insufficient when companies are trying to reduce their expenses. This translates to property owners being at higher risk and liable should there be an incident resulting in an injury or damage.
  4. Gamble on Insurance Coverage – Insurance coverage may be at risk due to using unqualified or unlicensed companies to provide tree care or landscaping services. The property value is especially at risk if there is a heritage or landmark tree on the premises.
  5. Additional Costs and Hidden Fees – To offset low bids, contractors will often try to make up the difference by tacking on additional costs or hidden fees for services or equipment usage. The added charges will likely increase the balance equal to higher bids submitted by other providers. The result is very little to no savings.

The moral of the story is, if it sounds too good to be true, it likely is. When looking for a certified arborist, make sure you do your homework to avoid future hassles. The experts at Arbor Pro NW, serving Portland and surrounding communities, are highly trained, experienced, fully insured and offer free estimates. Don’t hesitate to call and request a free consultation to help you map out the right tree care plan for you and your property.

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