Answers to Your Common Tree Questions (Part 2)

If you haven’t seen it, catch up with our first blog post about common tree questions. Or, keep reading for even more answers to your deepest tree curiosities.

Common Tree Questions

Why is smoke coming out of my tree?

Well, it’s either on fire or what you are seeing is pollen. Conifers are known to create clouds of pollen that release when the branches are blown by the wind or brushed up against, say by a passing truck. This is harmless, although annoying for those suffering from an allergy to pollen.

On occasion, however, and usually the result of a lightning strike, the interior of a tree can catch fire with little indication on the outside, though you might smell burning reminiscent of a campfire. Should you come across a burning tree, please report it to your local fire department but also be sure to take a few a few pictures of it from a safe distance because those burning trees are crazy cool!

Do I need to mulch?

If you want to provide your trees with the best possible care so they’ll flourish, then you should probably add mulch. Fortunately, it’s a pretty easy task. Simply spread 2-4 inches of mulch or compost around the base of the tree covering all of the ground beneath the canopy. Just make sure you don’t cover the root area closest to the tree or pile mulch up against the trunk which can lead to fungus or unwanted pests.

Why do the leaves change color?

This is one of those wonderful and unique features of trees that we love. Tree leaves change color in the autumn primarily because chlorophyll production slows down, eventually coming to a full stop when daylight hours are reduced. Other factors, including the natural pigment found in the leaves, temperature, and climate also play a role in determining what color they will turn.

Can I make my trees grow faster?

When planting new trees, make sure that the tree species is appropriate for the location and aerate the soil so that the roots can easily spread. Slow release fertilizer can help speed up the growth of trees if you’re in a hurry but will also speed up the growth of weeds so be sure to remove any unwanted vegetation regularly. Also, water newly planted trees until they are well established.

What kind of tree is this?

Good question! We’re happy to help you identify the mysterious tree you’ve got growing in your yard. We also have this handy blog post about it. 

Who should I call for tree help?

Us! Feel free to give us a call or connect online. We love trees and people who love trees, so give s a ring. 

The tree experts at ArborPro are available to provide consultation on a number of common tree questions, tree care, pruning services or the analysis of a hazardous tree. Whether you have a simple question or need emergency tree removal, give our team of certified arborists a call. ArborPro proudly serves Lake Oswego, Tigard, Beaverton, and the surrounding Portland metro area.

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