Stump Grinding in Portland and Beaverton Communities


Sometimes an old tree stump can take up valuable space on a property. The team of experts here at Arbor Pro gives you the option of having it removed with our stump grinding services.

Over the years, many methods have been used to remove tree stumps from a property. Stumps have been pulled, dug, burned out, or have had their decay accelerated using various chemicals.

Among all these methods, using a stump grinder is the fastest way of removing a tree stump.

A stump grinder is a machine designed specifically, as the name suggests,for grinding tree stumps and roots. Using a toothed metal wheel, the tree stump is chipped away by the cutting teeth.

Tree Stump Removal Services • Portland • Beaverton


Our experts advise the grinding out of tree stumps as a preferred method of removal.

Involving excavation to uproot stumps can turn out to be a far more expensive option, not to mention the site disturbance that will be caused.

The experts at Arbor Pro are equipped to grind down stumps of any size with our stump machines, which can access hard to reach areas with relative ease.

The stump grinding machines we use at Arbor Pro grind the stump into tiny pieces leaving a mound of loosened soil at your disposal. If you prefer, we’ll also clear this debris for a small fee.

Property owners should inform us of any sensitive underground utilities like sewage, irrigation, drainage and gas pipelines etc. beforehand because these pipelines could be severely damaged if our expert isn’t informed of their existence before commencing the stump grinding.

If your stump is located in the middle of your property and the tire-tracks left by our stump grinder are an aesthetic issue, for a small charge our expert will cover those areas to lessen the appearance of the tracks.

Expert Tree Stump Grinding and Tree Stump Removal Services

With over 10 years of in-depth and expansive knowledge, coupled with our vast experience, we at Arbor Pro look forward to providing you with the most value for your money with our premium stump removal services.

We understand our clients’ needs and develop detailed plans to handle their request in a prompt and professional manner.

Arbor Pro is here to help you.  Call us at 503-473-8733 for more information.

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