Why Choose ArborPro Tree Experts?

There are a lot of tree care companies out there. Many without insurance, credentials, or real experience in long term tree care. Choosing an an un-licensed tree company can end in disaster with ripped out gutters or other irreparable damage to your home, leaving you to foot the bill. Our ArborPro Tree Experts are trained, experienced, licensed, and fully insured. With ArborPro you benefit from a team of experts who will work with you to understand your needs and help develop a comprehensive design plan.

ArborPro is a recognized expert in the world of arboriculture. Our name has come to represent quality, exceptional service, ethics and confidence. We take pride in providing exceptional tree care services from the smallest stump removal project to full-service pruning and maintenance on large business or college campuses.

We consider ourselves pioneers in arboriculture standards, dedicated to taking a holistic approach towards your agricultural needs. Our tree experts take a responsible approach to the way that we conduct business and its impact on the environment. We’ve weaved this guiding principle into every aspect of our business and are happy to share the details with anyone and everyone.  Our blog provides fantastic outlet for us to share our holistic approach as well as case studies of some of our most successful tree care projects.

Choose ArborPro Tree Experts with Confidence

For two decades, ArborPro has been providing tree services to thousands of customers in Portland and the surrounding areas. We’ve dutifully handled thousands of jobs for clients that are homeowners, small business, or even large businesses who need help designing and executing the perfect tree care plan. Government, education, and health care industry clients have all benefited from our extensive experience and knowledge in arboriculture solutions.

It’s reassuring to know that ArborPro tree experts will always provide the same exceptional service whether you own a one bedroom home or a college campus. We work anywhere in Portland and the surrounding areas such as: Beaverton, Lake Oswego, Tigard, Gresham, West Linn, Wilsonville, Clackamas, Tualatin, Milwaukee, Happy Valley, Oregon City, Sherwood, Hillsboro and more. Contact us anytime for a free estimate.

For more information regarding tree service in Portland, Oregon call (503)-473-TREE (8733)

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