Everything You Need to Know About Oregon Firewood

Everything You Need to Know About Oregon Firewood

ArborPro Tree Experts offers a variety of options for tree removal to best meet each customer’s needs, from take down only to full tree removal and cleanup and everything in between. One of the most popular requests is to leave the wood behind to use as firewood by the homeowner. While some trees produce wood that burns cleaner and hotter, for others seasoning the wood for a good long time is crucial. Here’s a breakdown of the most likely trees to become firewood in Oregon and what you need to know.

Best Firewood From Your Own Backyard

oregon firewoodWhen bringing down a tree on a residential property, it’s usually not for the sole purpose of creating firewood, that’s simply the added bonus.

Big Leaf Maple – As one of the most abundant trees in the Northwest this native species could easily end up in the fireplace  – keeping in mind that old or damaged trees are more susceptible to wood rotting fungus and carpenter worms. Big Leaf Maple produces a decent fire but doesn’t burn as hot as other hardwoods and can leave quite a bit of ash. It splits best when green and should be seasoned for at least a year.

Douglas Fir – The state tree is one of the best conifers for firewood because it produces relatively little ash and medium heat. Older trees or those with a tight grain are easy to split, while younger ones can be difficult.

Oregon Ash – This wood will burn well wet or dry but leave plenty of ash to clean up. Splitting this wood is pretty easy provided it’s still green.

Oak – Oak is makes some of the best firewood because it has a long lasting burn, doesn’t spark and isn’t difficult to split. The downsides of oak firewood are its lower heat production and if it hasn’t had been seasoned for over a year it will produce quite a bit of ash.

Apple – Though apple wood is not commonly used as a firewood source, the fruit bearing trees are common among Oregon homes which means they may need to be removed at some point and thus turned into firewood. Apple is a very dense hardwood that is actually some of the best firewood since it produces a lot of heat and a nice aroma. Like all hardwoods, it should be seasoned for over a year if the plan is to use it inside the house. If your are big fan of cooking outdoors, it is an great fuel source for pit style BBQ and the green wood offers flavorful smoke with little resine.

ArborPro Tree Experts Tree Removal Portland

ArborPro Tree Experts offers tree removal service in Portland and surrounding areas. If you have future firewood that needs to come down safely, we can help. Contact us today at 503-473-TREE and schedule a free estimate.

Fire by Javi SA (originally posted to Flickr as Fuego) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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