How to Remove Tree Sap from Portland Cars

How to Remove Tree Sap from Portland Cars

For conscious homeowners, keeping trees healthy is important in order to maintain the many benefits they offer. All until the day a new car is parked underneath, that is. Imagine drips of sap on the surface of the clean, scratch-free paint. Imagine the rush for a quick clean-up, which only spreads the sticky substance farther, only now with bits of paper towel clinging to and flapping in the wind. Cue the eye twitch. It’s at these times, thoughts of raining ax blow after blow upon the trunk of the beautiful, mature tree enter the mind of the car owner. Before you go Paul Bunyan on the poor tree, take a breath. There are a few tricks out there to remove tree sap from Portland cars.

Tricks to Removing Tree Sap from Portland Cars

The “sap” that lands on your car is often not even produced by a tree at all. Usually, this sticky substance is what is called honeydew, and it comes from aphids living in the tree which secrete the goo that then ends up on your car. While this probably won’t make anyone feel better about the mess, it’s nice to know that it’s not completely the tree’s fault. Here are some tips for cleaning up the stuff:

  • Clean it up right away – Don’t leave the honeydew on the car until you can get to the car wash, where it probably won’t come off anyway. If it’s left to dry at all, it will become much more difficult to remove and can end up damaging the paint.
  • Use heat – Hot water is better than cold hose water since the heat will weaken the honeydew’s grip and make it easier to remove.
  • Wipe off and up – Try to get as much off in one fell swoop and avoid scrubbing big globs, which will simply spread it over a larger surface.
  • Try household solutions – Nail polish remover, turpentine, WD-40, and even bacon grease will dissolve the sap, making for a much easier clean up. Some work quicker than others, so keep an eye on it and be sure to rinse the spot and wipe up any remaining residue.
  • Commercial cleaners – Most automotive shops carry cleaners that will work well. Bug and tar remover is one of the most popular, but check with the staff and see what they recommend.

Tree Trimming and Removal – Portland

If you decide that the tree must go, or you would like to see about reducing its canopy, be sure to contact professionals to keep people and the surrounding structures safe. ArborPro Tree Experts offers free estimates and would be happy to talk to you about your options. We work all throughout the Portland area, including the suburbs, so don’t hesitate to call.

Tree Sap Photo By Pfly on Flickr

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