What You Should Know About Hiring a Tree Care Service

What You Should Know About Hiring a Tree Care Service

The number one thing to remember when it comes to hiring a tree care service is – do your research! The world is full of tree care service scammers, so it pays to be diligent when it comes to choosing the right company. If you don’t, you could end up footing the bill on expensive property damage, or paying another tree care company after the first runs off with your money. Here’s the ins and outs of what we tell people about hiring a tree care service in Portland or really, anywhere.

What Does the Word “arborist” Mean?

hiring a tree care service in Portland - what to know

The word, “arborist” can mean many things to many people. To us, it means a someone who is certified and scientifically trained in the area of trees. Look for certifications and education listed on their website, or just ask. A certified arborist shouldn’t be ashamed to tell you all about their training and experience.

Red Flags When It Comes to Hiring a Tree Care Service

People who are scammed on construction and other home services often don’t ask the right questions or notice the big red flags as they begin the process of working with them. Working in the industry for over 20 years, here’s our list of red flags when it comes to hiring a tree care service.

  • Not Supplying an Estimate – A trustworthy company will always provide a detailed estimate that includes a specific cost, scope of work to be completed, and the timeframe for completion.
  • Proof of Insurance – Supplying proof of insurance should be no big deal, and will give you peace of mind that if a tree catastrophe happens and your gutters are destroyed, the tree care company will take care of it.
  • Door to Door Tree Companies – Always be wary of someone traveling door to door with a chainsaw. (Just sayin’)
  • Asking For Payment In Full Upfront – These guys are probably going to run away with your money. While a partial payment is industry standard, full payment is surely not.
  • Words Like Topping, Lacing Out, or Lion’s Tailing – Look on the estimate for these words, and if you see them, run for the hills. None of these practices are industry standard and should not be recommended by true professionals.

Luckily, at ArborPro Tree Experts we are fully insured, certified arborists ready to help anyone needing to hire a tree care service in Portland or the surrounding area. Give us a ring, check out more of our tree care blog for great tree care information, or ask us for a free quote anytime.

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