Portland Trees Love Holiday Lights Too! How To Succeed

Brussel-Tree_with_lightsSome love to deck the halls and the yard with holiday lights! Others do it out of guilt, and others simply to please a spouse. No matter what the reason you find yourself wanting to know more about how to light up your yard for the holidays – here’s advice from a certified arborist. Especially for the inexperienced, holiday lights can be a bit tricky.

Choose the Right Tree

Portland trees come in all shapes and sizes, while we’ve seen palm trees wrapped in colorful lights, more traditional trees like Oregon Oaks, and other deciduous trees make the best selections. Pick the best one viewable from the road, so passersby also have a chance to also indulge in its beauty. Whatever you do, don’t pick a newly planted tree, one that is particularly fragile, or possibly sick. The weight of the lights and any water from rain or snow could end in demise for a fragile tree.  Choose a tree or trees wisely.

What You’ll Need

  • Lights – Don’t be shy or cheap with purchasing or collecting lights. Seriously. You will be sorry. To cover a whole tree you need a lot of lights. If you are low on funds, seek out estate sales for a good stash of Christmas lights for a low cost. The generations before us were much better at taking care of things than we are. The #1 rule? A little DOES NOT go a long way with lights. Instead,follow this holiday appropriate rule –  the more the merrier!
  • Gloves – Cold outside or not, gloves are helpful for wrapping branches and avoiding cuts.
  • Ladder – Should be self explanatory. 
  • Hooks or a nail gun – Try to avoid using these as they can damage a tree. Most trees have sufficient traction to hold up lights with bark and other texture and wrapping techniques. Only use if absolutely necessary. 

Let There Be Light

Avoid this, which is perhaps the best HOW NOT TO hang holiday lights video.

Ladder safety is all about the buddy system, be sure to convince or if necessary, guilt, someone else into helping you light up the night! Once you are confident in your ladder precautions, determine where the visible base of the tree is. Look at it from the road, the driveway, the porch or any other vantage points and see where the tree becomes viewable to others. Often, shrubs or other plants block the bottom of the tree, meaning you can save time and money by starting just below where the tree becomes viewable above the shrubs. Then, just keep wrapping until the trunk and the branches are full.

It’s always better to make a memory out of flipping the switch for the first time. Gather friends and family around the beloved oaks, pines, and maples to stand in wonderment at your hard work. Chevy Chase got that part right. 

Need to know if a tree in your yard is hearty enough to handle holiday lights? Have a professional arborist from Arbor Pro Tree Experts come take a look. We work in Portland, Beaverton, Sherwood, West Linn, Lake Oswego and more. Happy holidays!

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