How To Protect Birds While Pruning Trees

Oregon is home to nearly 400 species of birds and for many of the migratory birds, their favorite time of year to visit us is in spring during nesting season. This is also when homeowners begin landscaping projects including pruning trees and grounds cleaning in general. If done indiscriminately, those seemingly innocent weekend projects can have a negative impact on birds who are attempting to carve out a little space of their own. Like most Northwesterners, we want to be environmentally responsible, but we also want our trees to be healthy and our homes safe. Luckily, it doesn’t take a lot for everyone to be able to get along and be happy.

tree pruning and Oregon birds

3 Easy Ways to Protect Birds During Nesting Season

bird nests in treesLook before you cut – Many birds, including hummingbirds, begin arriving at their nesting areas in February and actively begin the nesting process early spring. Many of these birds love overgrown and dead branches which provide ideal nesting habitat. Which is exactly what we usually want to remove in order to help the tree grow strong and to avoid falling hazards. If you plan on heavy tree pruning during this time, be sure you thoroughly check the branches for nests or choose an arborist who will keep an eye out.

Give them a home – A bird house is a great way to control where a bird will be. Different types of houses attract different species and can be placed on the tree where it won’t be affected by pruning. The Audubon Society of Portland can help identify what types of birds will be found in your neighborhood and which nest boxes to use. It also makes it easier to view the birds and enjoy them during the warm months.

Provide building material – While a nest box simulates a hole that a bird might find when looking for a place to build a nest, they will still need to construct the nest inside the box. An easy way to help them is to keep a small brush pile near the tree. It provides valuable material that the bird can use to construct its nest and if you use dead leaves and vegetation it can attract earthworms as it decomposes, leaving the birds a healthy snack!

If you are planning any projects that includes pruning trees this spring and are concerned about protecting the birds that call you yard home, ArborPro Tree Experts has over 20 years experience in tree care and know how to find a balance in keeping trees safe for both people and our feathered friends. Give us a call for a free estimate

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