Reed College Trees – a SE Portland Gem

Reed College Trees – a SE Portland Gem

Reed College is known for its majestic trees, on-campus nature preserve and large number of graduates who eventually receive doctorates. In 1909, 86 acres of Crystal Springs Farm was purchased to found Reed College in SE Portland. True to Portland Oregon tree-loving charm and character, in 1933 the first major tree planting occurred on campus with 50 different tree species. Nowadays, there is a whole website dedicated to these distinct Portland Oregon trees, complete with grid area map and loads of interesting resources about Pacific Northwest trees and other surrounding natural areas.

One of the Trusted Caretakers of Reed College Trees: ArborPro Tree Experts

The trees of Reed College are one of the most diverse collection of trees in the Northwest with over 100 species and over 1,000 specimens in this impressive arboretum. For over 17 years now, ArborPro Tree Experts has been one of Reed College’s tree service companies trusted to care for their trees, and it has been an honor. ArborPro Tree Experts has continually pruned, cabled and fertilized trees throughout the Reed College campus and surrounding residential properties. While we relish in the beauty of such a fine collection of trees, we are saddened to sometimes receive calls about trees in crisis. In addition to supporting healthy trees, we also provide tree removal for dead or hazardous trees no matter the day or time. Even on evenings or weekends, we are dedicated to keeping the trees at Reed College healthy, thriving, and safe for many years to come.

The Tree Tradition is Strong at Reed College

The vast resources Reed College has dedicated to their tree tradition is immense and noteworthy. Here is a recap of the tree tradition history on the campus.

1909 – Purchased through the estate of Simeon Gannett Reed, Reed College was founded on 86 acres of Crystal Springs Farm.

1911 – First classes are held at Reed College.

1933 – First major planting of trees on the Reed campus, including over 50 different species.

1938 – Una V. Davies  from the class of ’38 writes a complete botanical inventory, as her undergraduate thesis in the biology department. She notes the existence of a large arboretum where Vollum College Center now stands.

1940 – Writing in the February issue of Reed College Notes, biology professor Demorest Davenport describes the trees on the Reed campus and the work of Harvey Davis in grounds and buildings. Davenport notes that two ginkgos have just been moved from the arboretum to spots on either side of the walkway in front of the library.

1984 – William L. Owen MAT from the class of ’59 donates to the college a thorough study identifying the relative value and condition of the campus trees. As a result of the study, a specific budget is set aside for an ongoing tree maintenance program.

1992 – Phyllis Reynolds and Stan Lindstrom complete a thorough taxonomic identification of the trees on the Reed College campus, complete with maps.

1994 – The book, Trees of Reed is produced. You can read the full introduction online.

1997 – The initial website dedicated to the “Trees of Reed” goes live.

2001-2002 – Niels Proctor from the class of ’91 spends six months checking the location and identification of every single tree in the landscaped areas of campus (over 1,000 in total). He creates 33 new color maps, writes new descriptions, and takes hundreds of photographs to renovate the”Trees of Reed” website.

ArborPro Tree Experts Care for All Trees

Our certified arborists know the value of trustworthy tree care. Our long-lasting relationship with Reed College showcases our ethic and dedication to preserving, maintaining, and caring for all trees, young and old. Even if your tree problems don’t go back to 1909, we are happy to help resolve them. We handle all types of tree care in Portland Oregon, Lake Oswego, Beaverton, and any of the surrounding areas. Give us a call today to talk to a tree specialist.

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