Stump Removal and Grinding

Stump RemovalArborPro generally recommends grinding out stumps over other available methods. Excavation for stump removal is more expensive and causes more site disturbance. ArborPro is equipped to grind stumps of any size. We have stump machines that will access narrow openings and gates for those hard to reach areas.

Stump Grinding Process

Our stump grinding machines grind stumps to various depths below grade depending on the machines capabilities and any underground obstructions. Stumps are ground into small wood chips and when the process is complete, you are left with a mound of wood chips and loosened soil. This material is usually left on site and frequently used by the landowner for mulch. If requested, the grinding debris can be removed for an additional fee.

Underground Utility Location-Always Call Before Grinding

Generally, ArborPro will coordinate Underground Utility Location Service, if needed. However, private underground utilities, such as irrigation lines, drainage lines, etc., are the responsibility of the property owner. If they are located and marked, they can be avoided. Whenever you decide to put a shovel into the ground, be safe and make sure you have the utilities marked.

The tires of the stump grinder can occasionally leave impressions in the landscape -usually soft, wet turf. If this does occur, it usually has minor effect. For a small additional fee, we can cover sensitive areas with plywood to minimize impact.

For more information regarding stump grinding and stump removal in Portland, Oregon call 503-473-8733

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