The Time For Winter Pruning is Now!

The Time For Winter Pruning is Now!

At ArborPro Tree Experts, we are full believers in winter pruning. As certified arborists, we’ve studied trees and their growing patterns for years. We’ve concluded that without a doubt, winter is the ideal time to prune. Here are 5 reasons why we promote the practice.

5 Reasons Why Winter Pruning is the Best

  1. It makes a prettier, fuller tree come spring. Winter pruning promotes a fresh burst of new growth in the spring and that is what we all want to see, right?
  2. It is less stress on the tree(s). Period.
  3. Without leaves, seeing what needs to go is easier. Shaping trees during winter pruning is by far the easiest. When the trees are bare, it really let’s arborists pick and choose the best limbs to lose.
  4. Winter pruning minimizes the risk of fungus infection or insect infestation. Fungi and insects are likely to be dormant at the same time as the tree.
  5. Winter pruning minimizes sap loss. Recent wounds, the sap, and the chemical scents they let off can attract insects that spread disease. For example, wounded elm wood is known to attract bark beetles that harbor spores of the Dutch elm disease fungus, and open wounds on oaks are known to attract beetles that spread the oak wilt fungus. All are no good.

An important note about dead branches: They can and should be removed any time of the year. That is our advice as well as the USDA Forest Service in their guide on tree pruning.

Get a Hazard Tree Evaluation Before Spring

Worried one or several of your trees may have disease or dead limbs? Most often, it is during winter pruning that our arborists get the best look at a tree’s health and identify diseased trees. Let one of our certified arborists visit your property and perform a risk assessment (Hazard Tree Evaluation) for at-risk trees and surrounding foliage. Together, we can formulate the best plan to keep your landscape healthy and beautiful. We regularly perform hazard tree evaluation services for private colleges, hospitals, and more – so whether you have a large commercial property or a cabin in the woods, we can help your trees live long, healthy lives. We cannot overstate the importance of identifying at-risk trees as soon as possible in order to save them. Too many times, it is too late by the time we are called to the property for an evaluation and the at-risk tree is already dead. Prevent tree removal by assuring your tree health with a Hazard Tree Evaluation sooner rather than later.

The time is now for winter pruning and identifying at-risk trees – don’t miss the ideal window over the next few weeks. Contact us for a quote or to get answers to tough tree questions from certified arborists.

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