Additional Tree Care Services

Take Down Only (Significant Savings!)

Arborist in a TreeThis service generally includes ArborPro’s removal experts getting the tree safely on the ground. This may include the use of technical rigging, direction falling or aerial lift equipment to get the tree down safely. Once on the ground, the tree is left in place with no cutting of limbs or wood.

Some of our customers have also asked us to cut up the larger wood that their personal saws can’t handle and to grind the stump below grade. Cost savings compared to Standard Tree Removal Service are significant.

Hazard Tree Evaluation

If you have concerns about the stability and health of any of your trees, you can schedule one of ArborPro’s Certified Consulting Arborists to perform a Tree Risk Assessment and Health Evaluation. If needed, specific recommendations will be made for improving the health and safety of your trees.

Tree Planting

Consulting with one of our Arborists to choose the right tree species for your specific landscape locations is a critical first step. Making the wrong choices in tree selection can result in poor tree survival, high maintenance costs and frequently requires tree removal and starting over again.

We will help you with this process of formulating a planting plan that best suits your needs and fits your landscape in a way that is attractive, functional and relatively low maintenance.

We work with some fantastic nurseries with beautiful, healthy trees and a great selection of species and sizes available

Wood Lot Management

Wood Lot Management Programs generally include developing both short and long term goals to best suit the client’s desired uses for the forest stand. Forest Management practices, such as selective stand thinning, clearing unwanted vegetation, tree planting, etc., are used to achieve these goals over a period of time. Multiple recreation uses, reducing fire potential, creating trails, clearing understory of unwanted vegetation, promoting growth of certain tree species and harvesting timber are common goals.

Root Pruning & Root Barrier Installation

In some situations, root pruning and/or root barrier installation can be performed to contain roots. This service will limit or prevent damage to hardscape, underground utilities, building footings, etc.

For more information regarding all of these tree services in Portland, Oregon call (503 473-8733)

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