Tree Removal in Portland Oregon

Standard Tree Removal Service

Tree RemovalTake down techniques used will depend on the tree’s location and the surrounding obstacles to be avoided. Climbing Arborists, boom trucks or cranes may be used. During this process, limbs will be chipped and disposed of, and wood will be cut into firewood lengths and left in place. The final step will be to remove the majority of the debris associated with the tree removal process. If you do not wish to keep the firewood, or give it away to your friends or neighbors, you can contract with ArborPro to remove the wood, or we can refer you to individuals or companies interested in firewood that may remove your wood for little to no cost. These individuals or companies are not associated with ArborPro, so we assume no liability associated with their wood removal process.

Take Down Only (Significant Savings!)

This service generally includes ArborPro’s removal experts getting the tree safely on the ground. This may include the use of technical rigging, direction falling or aerial lift equipment to get the tree down safely. Once on the ground, the tree is left in place with no cutting of limbs or wood.

Some of our customers have also asked us to cut up the larger wood that their personal saws can’t handle and to grind the stump below grade. Cost savings compared to Standard Tree Removal Service are significant.

Lowest Impact Tree Removal

This is primarily the same as Standard Tree Removal Service, although additional measures are taken to further reduce the impact to lawn, plants, small structures, building siding, etc. To accomplish this, plywood may be used to protect lawn and building siding from drag marks from limbs being dragged to our wood chippers. Limbs may be cut into smaller sections and carried out to avoid impact to plants and structures. More intensive rigging techniques may be used and barriers may be placed under trees to limit impact of tree sections being lowered or fallen.

Previously Fallen Tree Removal

ArborPro Tree Experts has extensive experience in safely removing trees from homes and other structures. ArborPro consistently performs this type of removal safely and efficiently without causing additional damage. This type of tree failure usually occurs during storms and frequently causes damages to roofs. When this happens, we can help by covering roof holes after the tree is removed to temporarily limit or prevent water damage inside your home.

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