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Trees can make Portland area homes more attractive and are an integral part of the landscape. But, believe it or not – the most common calls we receive are about tree removal service in Portland. Common reasons for tree removal include, excessive growth, spread of disease, desire to change an existing landscape or weather damaged trees that have become a safety concern. ArborPro Tree Experts is a company comprised of highly trained individuals who utilize the most advanced techniques and equipment.  Your arbor project can be completed safely and efficiently without harming your existing landscape, home or any other surrounding structures like fences or storage sheds.

Advantages of ArborPro Tree Removal Service 

  • Variety of Services – ArborPro Tree Experts are proficient in every kind of tree and plant care ranging from pruning and trimming, hazard assessment, to tree removal and disease management.
  • Quality of Service – Our experienced crews have been in the business for many years, maintain high standards of workmanship, ethics and knowledge; all which have led to high levels of customer satisfaction.
  • Peace of Mind – Disposal of damaged trees is a highly stressful and dangerous job which requires careful handling. By hiring tree removal professionals, you can rid of yourself of worry and enjoy the results of a landscape free of damaged and hazardous trees.
  • Identifying Problems – Professional arborists can identify various diseases and help prevent them from spreading to other trees and plants.

Types of Tree Removal Service

When you contract with ArborPro Tree Experts for tree removal service in Portland –  climbing arborists, boom trucks or cranes may be used depending on the tree’s location and the surrounding obstacles. Here’s a few examples of different tree removal services we offer.

Take Down Only

Take down only service often saves customers money and may include the use of technical rigging, direction falling or aerial lift equipment. Once safely on the ground, the tree is left in place with no cutting of limbs or wood.

Low Impact

When using our lowest impact tree removal service we employ additional measures to further reduce the impact of tree removal to lawns, plants, small structures, siding, and more.

Previously Fallen Tree

ArborPro Tree Experts has extensive experience in safely removing fallen trees from homes and other structures. ArborPro Tree Experts consistently perform this type of removal safely and efficiently without causing any additional damage. We have 24/7 emergency dispatch service ready when you need it. Just call 503-473-TREE (8733).

Immediate Need Hazard Tree Removal

Storm or other weather activity can cause trees to become unstable. Uplifting roots, fractured/separated trunks/limbs, partially fallen trees, or large broken limbs dangling above the ground pose an immediate and serious hazard to surrounding structures and residents. Use our 24/7 emergency dispatch service to get tree removal service right away.


Whatever your tree removal needs may be, the professionals at ArborPro Tree Experts have them all covered. Contact us today at 503-473-8733 to speak with us about your needs, to set an appointment, or simply ask a question.

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