Trivia Night with Trees

stump-removals-tigard-orLiving in the Pacific Northwest we are fortunate enough to be surrounded by trees. Our wild forests are beautiful, healthy and are literally right next door to our urban areas. And our urban forests are also robust and thriving thanks to the respect we have for our longest living flora friends. While it’s true we love them, there is much we do not know about them and though it may seem sufficient to have a healthy appreciation for trees it’s always good to know why we hold them in such high esteem. If not for any other reason but to impress out of state friends who might not understand our affinity for trees, take them to school with trivia night with trees.

5 Cool Facts About Trees-Trivia Night with Trees

  1. According to, an acre of trees sequesters approximately 410,000 pounds of carbon. In a year, a single tree can absorb as much carbon as is produced by a car driving 26,000 miles. That same tree can produce as much as 260 pounds of oxygen in that year.
  2. The NCSU website states that “A healthy tree can increase your property value by as much as 27 percent while trees with dead branches, hollow cavities and other problems can decrease your property value”. Probably a good reason to take care of your trees, if you have one that might be a problem give us a call.
  3. A study by the U.S. forest service discovered that urban forests help save an average of 1 life per year by filtering fine particulate air pollution which can have a severe effect on an individual’s health. Another survey conducted in South Korea showed that office views of forests had a significantly positive effect on job satisfaction and stress level.
  4. Here in Portland, The U.S. forest service discovered that homes on streets with trees sold for $7,130 more, on average, and 1.7 days faster than similar homes without the nearby trees.
  5. There is no national tree, However, every state has one they officially call their own.

Arborpro Tree Experts

When it comes to trees – we know a little more than the trivial. We have the experience and skill to care for any type of tree and help maximise the benefits offered by our leafy friends. If you have a tree issue or think you might like help from a certified arborist, feel free to give us a call for an estimate.  

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